Here To SLAY






I am CEO "PrettySlayer" Amanda Williamson and my love triangle with hair started back in 2009.


My first affair with hair started the day my mother, who is also a stylist, forced me to stay in the salon from sun up to sun down because I was a teenager and couldn't stay home alone. I knew my purpose was styling hair and making women feel beautiful.


The second phase began when I started wearing extensions. I believed in silky, bouncy, hair so I began a trial and error period in my life where my love for virgin hair began. Brazilian and Cambodian are by far my absolute favorite.


The third part of this affair came when I was a young woman. I loved to change my hair so I began experimenting with wigs and different ways to create new looks. Often times, purchasing wigs from local beauty supply store, I found the quality of the hair was poor. I then began to customize my own wigs as I started constructing using virgin hair.


See for me, glam isn't just for celebrities. Every woman should be able to feel and look like they have "Super Powers". When women install extensions we tend to transform. (Lol) A woman's style is always evolving, so staying hip on the latest styles and trends is important. This empowers me to someday, in the near future, open a Weave Bar. 


Motto: SLAY.